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What we do

A doula provides physical, emotional and informational support to parents during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Research shows us that continuous labor support can reduce the use of pain medications and help make the birthing process a more positive experience.

Labor is one of the most challenging things a person can go through, and a doula can help eliminate some of the anxiety associated with pregnancy and birth. We pride ourselves on delivering services that are inclusive to families of all dynamics. It is the responsibility of our doulas to make sure that you feel empowered and supported, so you can walk the path of parenting with confidence.

Doula services

Labor support

Welcome your baby to the world with the help of Doula! We’ll assess your support needs and plan for your birth with 24/7 on-call availability and care before and during labor.

Postpartum support

We assist in your physical and emotional recovery after the birthing process with evidence-based information, and help you learn your newborn’s cues and how to care for baby properly.

Childbirth education classes

Learn proven techniques for pain and stress management during pregnancy, and get educated on medications, tests, informed consent, and the different models of care.

Lactation classes

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about breastfeeding! Our course teaches both techniques for feeding and additional information to alleviate anxieties over breastfeeding.

What our customers are saying

Finding Taylor was truly a blessing. She has so much knowledge. There was not a single thing I could text or ask about that she didn’t have information for me or advice. She was always on time for our meetings and right there when I needed her for labor. I never felt judged and always felt supported. I am so thankful for the services provided to my family. I definitely recommend her for an amazing pregnancy and birth experience! Thank you again for everything!!

J. I.

Taylor was the perfect addition to our birth team and we were so happy to have her support and presence in the labor process! She has such a calming and reassuring aura full of joy, peace, and love, and she kept that energy flowing throughout my very long labor. Not only does she bring the spiritual strength to the table but physically she was a force to be reckoned with, swapping out with my husband back and forth to provide crucial rebozo assistance for my pain relief during every contraction. If we're still in Atlanta for the next baby I'm going to be calling on Taylor again!


Taylor was an amazing help with our laboring process! She was there for us for nearly 20 hours, not sure what we would have done without her. She helped me with back labor and showed me how to keep moving during labor to help things progress. She helped my husband help me with different positions and pain relief. She was a huge advocate for me and my body and what I truly wanted! So thankful we crossed paths and she helped bring our beautiful little girl into the world! I would highly recommend Taylor if you want someone with a calming presence, a huge amount of birthing knowledge and someone easy to talk to!

G. F.

My first doula experience was with Taylor. I had not selected a doula, but my OB office recommended I call her the morning that I called in with labor suspicions. I reachee out to Taylor the morning of my delivery and she was ready and available. I explained to her that I was hesitant about how the day would go, but she was available. She kept in touch with me over the course of a few hours before I decided to head to the ER. She arrived to the hospital shortly after I did and she was all hands in. My labor seemed stalled in the beginning, but progressed quickly once my water broke. Taylor was very helpful reminding me not to tense, to relax and breathe through my contractions. She also applied the pressure that I needed on my back when the pains had gotten stronger. She was my savior. I highly recommend her. She's a very calm spirit and ready to be at your service.

J. P.

Meet Taylor

Taylor is a certified labor and postpartum doula, childbirth and lactation educator, and student midwife. Her passion is providing evidence-based support to parents from under-served populations. She aims to help you remember your power and strength as you navigate this transformative time.